Are you paying for marketing that doesn’t work?

Small businesses face enormous pressure trying to win in a competitive market. There’s so much noise in the marketplace that customers can’t differentiate you from anyone else. 

Many businesses don’t have the time, capital, patience or momentum to attract an unlimited number of new prospects. So they mostly apply band-aids that don’t produce the best results.

What’s a company to do?

Well, you likely don’t need more marketing; you need more effective marketing.

Marketing’s job is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. And to get them to take action.  
When marketing is done right, customers are attracted to your solution and the buying process is in your hands.
The good news is, small businesses are in a better position to relate to customers on a human scale.  Selling to someone who knows, trusts, and likes you takes a lot fewer resources than selling to strangers. 

Build a Marketing Strategy for Today’s Business Environment

Effective marketing activities are guided by well-defined strategy.  Strategy formulation is the act of creating a blueprint; a clear, logical, convincing vision of the future.
Strategy determines your goals, outcomes, destinations and ending points. But strategy has to be organic – a living framework. Most marketing consultants guide clients to set 3 to 5 year strategy.  As we witnessed with the recent recession and the health pandemic of 2020, strategy must be fungible.
The strategy formulation process helps you and your team get clear on your value and what makes you different.

How Does The Process Work?

Marketing Fitness Strategy Formulation Is A Self-Discovery Exercise

Building Marketing Muscle & Reducing the Fat
Marketing fitness, like physical fitness, is purpose-driven. You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t define what they are.
The Marketing Fitness Strategy Formulation Process is a novel, high-impact approach to setting and executing marketing strategy in a post-pandemic world.
It covers everything you need to develop a compelling message and get your message into your customers mind so they take action. You can then systematize the process so you can do it consistently, day in and day out.